Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Metro Weight Loss differ from other weight loss programs?

Most weight loss programs use techniques that try to permanently accelerate your metabolism. At Metro Weight Loss, we work to reset your metabolism, so that your cells "hear" the hormones your body naturally creates, and your body does the work of regulating caloric intake and burning fuel. We also focus on the reduction of inflammation in your body, a common threat to the effective operation of your metabolism.

In addition, we don't rely on proprietary protein bars, shakes and other foods that you must buy, which can quickly become very expensive. Instead, you get to eat real food purchased from the grocery store, as well as some restaurant selections.

Does the Metro Weight Loss program include an exercise routine?

You can include a regulated exercise regimen as part of your personal program, but there is no requirement that you engage in any physical exercise to lose weight.

How much does the Metro Weight Loss program cost?

Because everyone has unique circumstances and goals, the cost of the program will vary, based on your health, your needs and your objectives. We do offer a free consultation to help you understand the ways we can help you get started on the path to lasting weight loss like never before.


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